3+3 ONG Coupon just for you!
Spend & Use Tesco Clubcard
Issuance Redemption
Set 1 10 Jan - 23 Jan 2019 17 Jan - 30 Jan 2019
Set 2 24 Jan - 6 Feb 2019 31 Jan - 13 Feb 2019

Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon Terms & Conditions

  1. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon issued at check-out counters is printed on the purchase receipt at all our stores Malaysia, Tesco Pernama Express Stores and Tesco Online (GHS).
  2. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon issuance date :
    • Set 1 : 10 Jan 2019 until 23 Jan 2019
    • Set 2 : 24 Jan 2019 until 6 Feb 2019
  3. One (1) Clubcard member will receive maximum three (3) Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon within each set of issuance date.
  4. The value of Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon for every Clubcard member is different.
  5. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon is only valid for customers who registered and used their Clubcard in any our stores at least 2 weeks before each set of issuance date.
  6. Clubcard primary card holder must present their Clubcard at Tesco check-out counters to receive Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon. Offers are only valid for Primary Clubcard members and are given at Tesco's discretion.
  7. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon redemption date :
    • Set 1 : 17 Jan 2019 until 30 Jan 2019
    • Set 2 : 31 Jan 2019 until 13 Fe 2019
  8. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon can be redeemed at our stores Malaysia or Tesco Pernama Express Stores, except Tesco Online Shopping (GHS), by the person the coupon was issued to, and alongside the corresponding Clubcard.
  9. Clubcard member must present the Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon and Clubcard before the transaction end at the cashier counter.
  10. Only one (1) Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon can be redeemed in one (1) transaction.
  11. The purchase must be equal to or higher than the required amount. If the purchase is higher than the value of the coupon, customer must pay the difference.
  12. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon has no cash redemption value and cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded or published.
  13. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon expiry date clearly stated on the coupon, beyond which they cannot be used or reissued.
  14. Clubcard “3+3 Ong” coupon cannot be redeemed for Tesco gift voucher, cigarettes, alcohol, reloads, and online purchase on Tesco Online, at Tesco's Food Court or any outlets not operated by Lotus's Malaysia.
  15. Photocopied, damaged or defaced coupons will not be accepted and Lotus's Malaysia shall not be held responsible for any loss of coupons.
  16. Lotus's Malaysia reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  17. In the event of any inconsistencies and/or discrepancies between the English and the Bahasa Malaysia version of this terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.