Tesco Kini 0% GST

Tesco Kini 0% GST

Our prices are now 0% GST. We are currently updating our price labels and if there are any price discrepancies, we will honour the lower price. Kindly head to our customer service counter.



1. What is GST?
GST stands for Goods & Services Tax- it is a tax collected by companies on the sales of goods and services and paid to the Government. 

2. When will 0% GST take effect?
All supplies of goods and services which are now subject to GST at standard-rated (6%) becomes zero-rated (0%) effective on 1 June 2018. 

3. What about Sales & Service Tax?
The Government has yet to announce the move back to Sales & Service Tax (SST). Once the Government has made a decision on the matter, we are certain that an announcement to the public will be made. We will continue to work closely with Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperatives and Consumerism to understand the implementation as well as timelines.  


4. Will we see a reduction in price for all items?
Customer may see a reduction in prices for items that are not zero rated (example grocery items, electronics) Many products/items are exempt from GST or are zero rated. For Tesco most fresh meat, fish, local produce and commodities like rice are zero rated. Customers may see a reduction in prices for items that are not zero rated. 

5. Why does Tesco’s shelf labels / clothing price tags still reflect 6% GST? 
We are currently in the process of changing all our shelf labels and the manual process will take some time. So you may see some of our shelf labels and clothing tags are still with 6% GST. However, we assure you that the prices would be reflective of the 0% GST when you checkout. We encourage customers to check their receipts should there be a discrepancy, we will honour the lower price with 0% GST. Please speak to our customer service colleagues at store should you have any questions. 

6. When does Tesco expect to be able to complete all the changes to shelf labels/ clothing price tags? 
Retailers have been given a grace period of one month to change all their shelf labels, price tags, POSMs to reflect the zero rated GST. We expect to be able to complete this exercise within that timeline.  

7. If I’ve purchased an item earlier this week and would like to return the item for a refund, will I receive a refund on the full amount including GST? 
We will provide refunds inclusive of GST for items purchased before 1 June, though T&Cs based on our returns policy applies. 

8.  Why do the price labels on your clothing show 6% GST? 
We have put up notices around our clothing area that our price labels are in the process of being changed to reflect 0% GST, while some of our newer stocks are already reflective of the 0% GST. Products that are currently showing prices with GST will be adjusted at the point of checkout.  

9. How will I know if the items have reduced in GST?
It will be reflected on your receipt (0% GST) and once we have completed the manual process of replacing price labels, customer will be able to see it on the shelves too. 

10. Some retailers have reduced their prices in lieu of GST prior to 1 June. Has Tesco decided to do the same? 
Tesco has taken the initiative to provide a 6% discount to customers on all products on 31 May 2018. The 6% rebate does not apply to baby milk formula, top-ups and cigarettes.

11. Have your food court prices been reduced to reflect 0% GST?
The prices have been adjusted to reflect 0% GST. However, all menus are currently in the process of being changed. We expect to be able to complete this within the 1 (one) month grace period granted by the Government. 

12. How can I get more details on 0% GST?
Just visit our website or contact our Call Centre. Our Help Team is ready to answer any queries you may have. Government has also uploaded information on 0% GST which can be accessed online through Malaysian Customs have a good website where you can find out more details:
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