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Food Waste

Food Waste

To reduce the amount of waste from unsold food at stores and contributing to charities and organizations that help feed those in need.



Tesco as a Group, is committed to support Sustainable Development Goals which is to halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer level, and reduce food losses along production and supply chains by 2030.

For Lotus's Malaysia, the main programme under the Food Waste Reduction pillar is Tesco Food Surplus Donation programme which started in 2016 and is operational in all 60 out of 62 stores across Malaysia, as of July 2020.

This programme is in collaboration with Food Aid Foundation and Kechara Soup Kitchen to donate our fresh (vegetables and fruits) and bakery surplus (unsold but still edible) on a daily basis to underprivileged families and charity homes.

As of July 2020, Tesco has donated more than 6,000 tonnes of surplus, an equivalent of 4.8 million meals to the needy.

At a national level, Tesco collaborates with the government through the Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia programme, which was designed to mitigate the impact of rising cost of living and reducing food waste among the people.

Food Waste

School Adoption

Enriching the lives school children in underserved schools through better education, reducing vulnerabilities, improving health and environmental awareness.



The Children & Education pillar is activated through our school adoption initiative. Through PINTAR Foundation, 63 underserved schools are adopted and paired with our hypermarkets, distribution centres and head office.

A variety of programmes and events are organised to enrich the lives of the children in our adopted schools by helping to provide good education, health and nutrition awareness, and advocating responsibility for the environment. Among notable programme and events includes Walk For Kids, Jelajah Didik and Edible Garden.

On top of that, colleagues in Stores, Distribution Centers and Head Office have actively engaged their adopted schools throughout each year with activities such as sports day, teacher’s day celebration, health & nutrition workshops, and motivational talks based on proposals submitted by their respective schools.

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Food Waste

Greener Living

Reduce our impact to the environment through sustainable initiatives.


greener living

To reduce the usage of single-use plastic bags, Lotus's Malaysia launched the Unforgettable Bags campaign in April 2018. This campaign rewards a 20sen rebate to customers who reuse the specially designed “Unforgettable Bags” which comes with a barcode built into the design to track customer’s reuse rate.

By end of 2018, the Unforgettable Bags saw a 49.5% reuse rate from customers who purchased the bags at an initial one-off cost of 50sen. This rate gradually grows with the increased awareness.

As part of our sustainability plan, we are also committed to make all packaging of Tesco own brands to be fully recyclable by 2025.

As a responsible business, we strive to reduce our impact to the environment in many ways. Through Greener Living pillar, we work with various organisations and partners to operate in most sustainable ways.

Among our efforts in reducing impact to environment is through urban tree planting initiatives, reduce dependency on plastic bags and recycling campaigns.

Several awareness programs on Greener Living with customers, colleagues and school children from the adopted schools has been organised as the key to drive a more organic solution to the overuse of plastic bags among our shoppers.