Our Little Helps

Tesco’s very own hero

Tesco Penang Trolley Associate, Rajan Kanisan was recently hailed a hero when he rescued an infant from a locked car. According to a news report by local newspaper, Sinar Harian, a customer has left her six-week-old infant in the car, while she grocery shopped in Tesco Penang, which is locally known as ‘Tesco E-Gate’.

 She did this because she believed that our stores do not allow children in because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This is of course not true as Tesco allows everyone in our stores, given that we are already implanting all the necessary standard operating procedures.

Fortunately, another customer who parked beside her car heard the crying infant and promptly alerted our Customer Service desk about the incident. Rajan then immediately went over to save the infant by unlocking the car through a slightly opened window.

When interviewed later, Rajan said that he was moved by the entire ordeal as he too is a father of three children himself.

Thank you Rajan, for going the extra mile to Serve Malaysian Shoppers a Little Better Everyday.