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Tesco CNY Charity Food Box

3 January 2019

To usher in more Ong this Chinese New Year, Tesco Malaysia have launched Charity Food Box at all Tesco stores nationwide.

With only RM50, a food box containing basic essentials will be delivered to underprivileged families and charity homes. Your food box contribution will be able to ease the burden of those in need this coming CNY.

List of essentials:

- Tesco Tuna Flakes in Spring Water 185g x 2 unit
- Tesco Cooking Oil 5kg x 1 unit
- Tesco Choco Malt Drink 1kg x 1 unit
- Tesco Everyday Value Assorted Biscuits 430g x 1 unit
- Tesco Everyday Value Refined Salt 350g x 1 unit
- Tesco Course Grain Sugar 1kg x 1 unit

For it is in giving that we receive. May your gift of a Charity Food Box (or two) this Chinese New Year bring you greater prosperity.

Head over to Tesco Customer Service counter in Tesco stores or on the Tesco Shop on Lazada  before 31 January 2018 make your purchase. 

tesco CNY charity food box