Our Little Helps

Rescuing Zoo Negara

In ensuring that the most vulnerable among us were not left behind during the recent government-mandated Movement Control Order (MCO), Tesco’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team kept busy by collaborating with multiple non-government organizations (NGOs) to reach further to those in need. One of these NGOs is Kembara Kitchen. Together with Kembara, Tesco began donating food surplus to the animals in Zoo Negara on 3rd April 2020.

"It has come to our attention that not just humans but animals are also left vulnerable during the MCO and needed help. Because of that, we have now started a food surplus donation programme to Zoo Negara, in collaboration with Kembara Kitchen where we donate our surplus meats, chicken and seafood twice a week to ensure the animals will not go hungry and at the same time prevent the food from going to waste," said Tesco Corporate Services Director, Azliza.

Kembara Kitchen founder, William Cheah said that NGOs are in dire need of support from corporates who will go that extra mile in helping the underprivileged, especially during times of crisis.


"Tesco's food surplus to Zoo Negara is certainly welcomed as during times of crisis, it is easy to overlook the animals while prioritizing people. We are pleased to collaborate with Tesco in supporting Zoo Negara as this project will not just ensure that the animals are taken care of during these uncertain times, but also help Tesco manage its food wastages," he said.

The effort was also covered in the media