Our Little Helps

Rebuilding after the Floods

The flash floods which hit Johor in early June 2020, particularly in the suburbs of Johor Jaya and Plentong have negatively affected the communities as well as Tesco colleagues who live there. The one-meter-deep flood caused considerable damage to their houses as well as other belongings, which might take years to rebuild again.

Luckily no lives were lost during this natural disaster.

Knowing this, Tesco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team arranged aid for affected colleagues from Tesco Plentong and Tesco Setia by supplying Tesco Own Brand mattresses, pillows, cleaning detergents, and some basic food items to the unfortunate colleagues.

At Tesco, we know that Every Little Helps Makes a Big Difference. Especially during a time of great need like these.