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Tesco Extra Sebarang Jaya
Store General Manager
Chua Wen Theng
No Tenant Contact
Food & Beverage
Lot G-01 New Store Opening Soon
Lot G-02 KFC 04-3996910
Lot G-03 Rasamas 04-3996914
Lot G-28 New Store Opening Soon
Lot G29 & G-30 Kings Confectionary 04-3997106
Lot OL G-11 Uncle Mark
Lot OL G-12 Leomag Waffle
Lot OL G-13 Bahulu Warisan
Health & Beauty
Lot G-20 Cosway 04-3999277
Lot G-22 Gintell 04-3909332
Lot G-23 New Store Opening Soon
Lot G-24 Klinik Tesfa 04-3972812
Lot F-01 Takashima 04-3996144
Lot F-26 TLK 04-3975330
Lot F-29 The Lingery Shop 04-3993920
Lot F-32 Gintell 04-3909332
Fashion Apparel & Accessories
Lot G-07 & G-08 Peace Collection
Lot G-09 & G-10 Verns 04-3991304
Lot G-11 & G-12 Carlo Bettis 04-3991434
Lot G-13 & G-14 Beauty Angels 04-3993997
Lot G-25 Gene Martino
Lot G-26 SM Jewelry 04-3901709
Lot F-02 Xes 04-3980882
Lot F-15 & F-16 New Store Opening Soon
Lot F-17 New Store Opening Soon
Lot F-21, 22 & 23 Nagoya Textiles 04-3986978
Lot F-25 MZ Collection 04-3975394
Lot F-27 SM Jewelry 04-3901709
IT / Communication
Lot F-10 & F-11 Best But IT Mall 04-3904228
Lot F-12 New Store Coming Soon
Lot F-20 Grolier World of Knowledge
Lot F-24 My News.com 04-3975394
Lot F-3 Rofina 04-3980882
Lot F-33 Mutiara Yarrah 04-3998776
Lot G-23 Telco N Post 04-3801032
Lot OL F-02 RHB Counter
Lot OLG-08 Easy RHB
Lot G-15,16&17 SLC Tyres 04-3991434
Lot F7, 8 & 9 New Store Opening Soon
Lot F-18 Kerny Leasure 04-3998663
Lot F-19 New Store Opening Soon
Lot F-28 Focus Point 04-3996972
Lot F-30 Hinode Shop 04-3995085
Lot F-24 My News 04-3975394
Lot F-31 Olympus 04-3983682
Lot OL F-05,6 & 7 Toy Street 04-3978995
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